Krissy Love

First Impressions

Right off the bat I’m impressed with the amount of content there is to be found at Phil-Flash. At the top of the tour they spell it out for you: 63,000 pictures and 335 videos (as of July 1, 2007). That number grows with some frequency as they add new stuff all the time. A little further down the tour you’ll see preview pictures from almost all the models that make their home on the site, and there are quite a few. What I like is that even if you don’t like one of the models there’s bound to be another that will turn your crank. They’re working on volume here, and they’re doing it well.

Hot Promises There are a great many promises made. First, there are seven bonus sites within Phil Flash that offer oodles of content. Each site is dedicated to a teen model and features lots of sexy posing images and videos. There are also the platinum girls that don’t quite have their own site but still offer plenty of content. You’ll also see the Phil Flash cheerleaders, all of whom are young and sexy. There are also amateur models and guest models that stop by every once in a while to shoot a gallery. Finally there’s the webcam network, which features an average of two shows per day for members.


The bottom line at Phil-Flash is content, and tons of it. The design isn’t exactly beautiful; in fact you’ll probably be turned off by the simplicity. It’s very much like the tour and its one strength is that you’ll never get lost. Everything is easy to find so while you won’t be excited about browsing through it you also won’t be frustrated. There are five main content categories: amateurs, cheerleaders, exclusives, guests and bonus sites.

The amateurs section is probably mislabeled because these girls look to be anything but. They’re all comfortable in front of the camera and unnaturally sexy, although don’t take that as a criticism. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Also, the true definition of an amateur is someone who’s not being paid, and I doubt that’s the case here. There are 25 amateurs at Phil Flash, with varying degrees of content for each. Brit has the fewest number of pictures at 103 and Kori the most at 2500. Most girls fall somewhere in between.

All the amateurs are solo babes and none of them are fully nude models. Most will show you their tits, but there are even a few that refuse to get naked at all. The aesthetic of the entire Phil Flash network is beautiful babes posing only partly naked, and I think it works very well. All the girls are exceptionally beautiful and young and seeing them topless or in a thong is good enough for me. Of the amateurs I enjoyed Celeste the most, largely because I’m a sucker for beautiful blonde babes.

Everyone loves a cheerleader, which is why the cheerleaders section of Phil Flash is so magnificent. There are only 22 galleries here, but almost every model that has appeared on the site has shot a gallery so you’re getting a fair amount of variety in terms of the girls. The lack of variety comes in the fact that they’re almost all wearing the same exact uniform. It’s a custom made original that says Phil Flash across the chest though, so it’s quite sensible that they don’t have more variety. If you join you have to check out Megan’s cheerleader gallery as it’s the hottest I’ve ever seen. The others aren’t far behind, but hers is just transcendent.

The exclusives section is oddly named in that I don’t quite understand what makes this content more exclusive than anything else on the site. Everything here won’t be seen anywhere else, so it’s all technically exclusive. Still, there’s plenty of good stuff to be seen here, including hot candid pictures from adult webmaster shows the models attended, babes on the beach, babes partying, and some hot pairings that you can’t see anywhere else. Next Door Nikki and Princess Blueeyez, two hot models from the Phil Flash network, have 734 images where they get busy together. That’s damn hot and well worth checking out.

Finally we have the guests section which boasts more than 2,000 images and five hot videos. Some of the girls seen here are guests from outside the network, like Karen Dreams and Misty Anderson, and some are from other Phil Flash sites, like Seanna Teen and Next Door Nikki. The key is that they’re all hot and they’re all doing some of their best work. Karen Dreams has a few galleries and a video clip that will blow your mind. This guests section is the thinnest of all the content selections, but it’s still a worthy place to spend some time.

Finally there are the bonus sites, and this is where you’ll find the majority of the content at Phil-Flash. These sites used to be part of the larger network and had to be joined separately, but the girls have stopped shooting new content so they’ve been folded into Phil’s site. The sites are as follows: Anna’s Assets, Brandy’s Box, Bratty Brittany, Dream of Dani, Krissy Love, Meredith 18 and Tiffany Teen. Each site is quite large; most of the girls shot new content for several years before deciding to hang it up and move on with their lives. As such you’ll have year’s worth of content to look through, including some of the finest topless and non nude modeling images you’ll see on any teen babe site. There are too many sites to go into a review for each of them, so suffice it to say that each is worthy of its own membership and getting them all together is an amazing deal.

The last thing worth mentioning about Phil-Flash is the live webcam shows. On an average day you’ll be able to watch two one hour shows, and on some days they have three. If you happen to miss a show you can download the WMV file a day or two after it went live. The schedule is generally available a week or two in advance so you can plan accordingly. You’ll need Java installed to watch the show, but that’s easy enough to obtain so it won’t be a stumbling block.

Croco’s Opinion

When it comes to teen babes it doesn’t get any better than Phil-Flash. The main body of content at the site is pretty good with a wide variety of babes posing for hot pictures and videos. Then you throw in seven full sites as a bonus and it seems to me that you can’t get any better. All the girls are gorgeous beyond words and they possess a sexiness that seems far beyond their years. Many of the girls are non nude models but a few will bare their lovely breasts for you. The network is updated frequently and there’s a new webcam show every day so you’ll never run out of content to enjoy.


Although the design of the member’s area is poor navigating it is quite simple. The top of the page lists the different content sections and there’s a drop down box for selecting the bonus sites. The picture galleries are laid out well with 24 images per page. The thumbnails could be a little larger but that’s a minor gripe.

Pricing Policy

$29.95 for 30 days and then $24.95 recurring every 30 days. Credit cards are accepted through CCBill.

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